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Still struggling with the hot weather?

By :YOSUKE SHIBATA 0 comments
Still struggling  with the hot weather?

We have already introduced what the cold-brewed tea is and some advantages of drinking it in this hot summer.

Today, we are here for you to explain how to make it! Making sure this principles, you can enjoy the tea sweeter and easy to drink it!

There are mainly 3 steps to make delicious cold-brewed green tea.

Firstly, place 2 tea bags and water in a 1 liter teapot. Secondly, remove the tea bags and mix it very well. Finally, cool the green tea in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours. Then, it’s time to enjoy it!

We wish you will have a good week and see you soon!


Tags : Ocha, Recipe
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