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Ocha to reduce male hormones.

By :YOSUKE SHIBATA 0 comments
Ocha to reduce male hormones.

Current clinical observation indicates that green tea has a moderating effect on testosterone levels, either boosting the hormone if levels are low, or helping the body to reduce production or bind up excess testosterone if levels are too high.

In addition to having antibacterial, sterilizing, and deodorizing effects, the catechins in green tea also suppress the secretion of male hormones. By suppressing the secretion of excessive sebum, body odor can be reduced.

In addition to catechins, green tea contains vitamins E and C, which also play a role in preventing the oxidation of sebum. Since the smell of sebum when it oxidizes is directly linked to body odor, green tea can help prevent body odor in this aspect as well.


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